Referral Program Terms


At times, Yaysay may offer users the ability to earn credits or discounts (“Referral Credits”) towards future purchase on the Yaysay platform when they invite friends to sign up for the Yaysay platform, those friends download and signup for Yaysay through their personalized referral link, and those friends make a qualifying purchase within six (6) months of the invitation being sent.  You may only earn Referral Credits via Yaysay’s authorized user invite mechanisms.  Referral’s outside of these authorized mechanisms will not result in any Referral Credit.   You understand that Referral Credits are not transferable, may not be auctioned, bartered or sold, may not be pooled with other members, and expire six (6) months after issuance. Referral Credits have no cash value. They are promotional in nature and are issued without any exchange of money or value from you. As such, Referral Credits do not constitute property and you do not have a vested property right or interest in the Referral Credits. You will only receive Referral Credit for the first qualifying purchase made by a friend who makes his or her first purchase on Yaysay as a result of an invite from you via a Yaysay authorized channel. If your friend does not follow the directions in the invite email or other valid invite mechanism to accept the invitation, you may not receive Referral Credit, and Yaysay will have no liability to you for your friend’s failure to follow directions.

You agree that having multiple Yaysay accounts is a violation and that sending invites to alternate email addresses or accounts or otherwise attempting to circumvent Yaysay’s referral credit program system may, without limiting any other Yaysay rights or remedies, result in forfeiture of your account and all Referral Credits in your account. Yaysay reserves the right to void referrals and Referral Credits earned if we suspect that the referrals or Referral Credits were earned in a fraudulent manner, in a manner that violates these terms of service or in a manner otherwise not intended by Yaysay. You must not conduct your own promotion in connection with our referral credit program. You may not engage in any promotional, marketing, or other advertising activities on behalf of Yaysay, including by using any trademarks of Yaysay. 

Referral Credits will appear in your account within approximately 24 hours after one of your qualifying invitees makes his or her qualifying purchase and that purchase is shipped. Purchase of a Gift Card is not a qualifying purchase. Referral Credits earned via Yaysay may only be used on the Yaysay platform and may not be used toward the purchase of a Gift Card.

The referral credit program is void where prohibited by law. Yaysay reserves the right to modify or terminate the referral credit program at any time, although Referral Credits accrued shall be valid for six (6) months from the date of posting, in our discretion and without prior notice, including changing expiration periods or Referral Credit values for existing or future Referral Credits or replacing such Referral Credits with such other promotional rewards as we determine from time to time. Should there be any tax liability for the accumulation and/or use of Referral Credits, such taxes are the sole responsibility of the participant. You understand that your account may not accurately reflect the Referral Credits you have actually earned. Yaysay will have no liability for any errors displayed in your account.